Workforce Safety

This is the Supply Change.™

We’ve adopted and follow the Zero Harm program to maintain a safety culture that targets zero injuries, zero environmental damage and zero detrimental impact on human rights. 

We seek to apply industry best occupational health, safety and environmental (OHS&E) practice for employees, contractors, customers and local communities.

Our comprehensive safety training programs minimise the danger that vehicles, machinery and power tools pose to the people in our work environments. We follow rigid procedures for following up on injuries and close calls, so we can determine whether processes can be improved to enhance safety. We understand the causes of injuries in dangerous work environments.

Our safety experts have been inside a variety of operations, both ours and those of our customers. We can work with you to share the most effective workplace safety practices that we’ve learned. We know that a safe workforce is a productive workforce. When we work together, we’ll succeed together.

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