Material Handling Systems Optimisation

This is the Supply Change.™

Increasing capacity while decreasing downtime.

The opportunity

It’s both a simple truth and a harsh reality. Your huge investment in material handling systems can be brought to its knees by distribution platforms that don’t work in sync with your systems.

Our unique understanding of how distribution platforms work best with both automated and manual handling systems ensures that you get the most out of all your equipment and the most out of your entire supply chain.

CHEP’s Material Handling Systems Optimisation is a simple, actionable way to gain capacity from your network without adding actual capacity.

It’s how you ensure that all your robotics and handling equipment are running in harmony with your pallets and containers, no matter what they are.

It means more uptime and less downtime. 

It means more capacity and fewer risks.

It means more efficiency, more throughput and improved productivity. Along with reduced product damage and decreased downtime.

Best yet, Material Handling Systems Optimisation helps you both proactively and reactively. It allows you to fix any issues you may have as well as prevent problems from happening in the first place.

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What we do

Unfortunately, for many customers, equipment jams are a fact of life. They happen when equipment was designed without knowledge of platform specifications, when a new platform is introduced into your system or when damaged platforms are run through materials handling equipment. 

CHEP’s Material Handling Systems Optimisation solution helps you optimise your supply chain starting with your suppliers, all the way to your store shelves. We’ll ensure that all your distribution platforms integrate as well as possible with your automated and non-automated equipment, regardless of the platform design or spec.

If you’re currently suffering from downtime, we’ll quickly determine what’s creating that downtime. If you’re installing new equipment, we’ll actually work with the equipment supplier, systems integrator and contractor to build in tolerances ahead of time.

Our application-engineering experts quickly identify areas of opportunity for cost savings. Leveraging their extensive industry expertise, they’ll provide technical support and work with you to optimise your systems and processes throughout your supply chain.

In short, we’ll work with you to identify the simplest and most cost-effective engineering solutions that will improve your operational effectiveness. We’ll provide you with the technical support and know-how you need to improve both your throughput and your productivity.

Improving your automated systems.

1. Pallets shifting on conveyors




A customer experienced                                              The open sides caused pallets                          CHEP examined the conveyor and 
frequent conveyor jams caused by open sides.           to shift on the conveyor,                                    proposed adding minimally intrusive
                                                                                     necessitating shutdown and                              rails to the sides of the conveyor. This
                                                                                     manual removal of the pallet.                            significantly reduced downtime by
                                                                                                                                                               preventing pallets from shifting to an
                                                                                                                                                               angel that would stop the conveyor.


2. Unjamming palletisers




A customer's palletiser had                                   CHEP identified areas responsible                          Custom plates were installed
exposed rollers, chaings and other                       for causing jams and proposed                                over problem areas, reducing
obstacles that were causing jams.                        solutions to reduce jams.                                         jams and improving safety
Jams had to be removed manually
at great risk to employees.

How we'll work together

Chep engineers have been inside and studied thousands of facilities, giving us unmatched experience and insights. Our time tested "roll up our sleeves" process includes four simple steps:

Kaizen Events

Our Lean Six Sigma-trained professionals can help your company ensure that your systems are working in the most productive way. CHEP's application-engineering managers are a unique team of experienced professionals. They have proven expertise in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution systems. Each service they perform follows a systematic Lean Six Sigma project methodology. These services provide cost-effective, practical solutions to suit your specific needs.

Global Good: Through Material Handling SystemsOptimisation, we work with our customers to create safer work environments and more efficient systems. It’s all part of our Better Planet initiative, as we work to minimise the impact of the supply chain on the environment.

How you'll benefit

Regardless of the distribution platform type or spec, Material Handling Systems Optimisation will help you:

+ See increased productivity through racking and distribution efficiency

+ Experience operating equipment efficiencies

+ Reduce downtime of warehousing systems

+ Understand how all platforms work within your system: bins, containers, RPCs, standard and custom-size pallets

+ Design a system for a single facility or your entire network 

+ Analyse your supply chain from the moment distribution platforms enter your facility until they leave your equipment

+ Work with equipment suppliers to ensure their equipment works best with your distribution platforms


No one else has the broad experience in optimising material handling systems and improving uptime that CHEP has. Our Lean Six Sigma-certified engineers have been inside thousands of facilities. They’ve learned how every type of material handling equipment works best with every type of distribution platform. We look forward to working with you.

Real world ROI from Material Handling Systems Optimisation.