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CHEP will tailor the system you need to protect your high-value goods and platforms. Cooler boxes

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The opportunity

Your most valuable products are always at risk. Accidents happen. Damage happens. Human error happens. You entrust your products to your supply chain, but you can’t be left in the dark. You need visibility and accountability.

CHEP Tracking Systems provide state-of-the-art technology that safeguards your shipping platforms and the valuable goods they carry.

Technology that reduces the risk of human error. Technology that helps you manage inventory. Technology that secures your assets wherever they travel in your supply chain—even to remote locations or across borders. Working together with our technology partners, we’ll provide and manage everything you need to track your platforms and your high-value products. You’ll see your supply chain in a whole new light, so you’ll be protected when bad things happen.

What we do

We provide everything you need to track your distribution platforms using technology, analyse their movements, and take actions that help you minimise your losses.

You’ll be able to keep tabs on these high-value platform assets, as well as the valuable merchandise you produce. When damage occurs, you’ll know where all your assets were at the time so you can attribute losses to specic entities.

Leveraging our experience as a global logistics solutions provider, we’ll help you select which of our tracking solutions, or combination of solutions, is right for you. With our experience helping our customers use bar codes, RFID, Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular triangulation, we can customise a solution that works best for you.

We’ll procure all the necessary components from our extensive network of technology vendors and ensure proper installation and network connectivity.

We’ll integrate the tracking systems into your existing processes, so you’ll transition seamlessly from being in the dark to knowing where your assets are at all times.

You’ll have an automated system tracking the movement of your assets through the supply chain. We’ll set up a dashboard and help you analyse the data, so you can optimise your platform allocation and holding periods.

We’ll continue to work with you to ensure that the system meets your needs and delivers results.


How we’ll work together

CHEP will work with you to design a Tracking System solution, set up a dashboard to monitor the movement of your assets, and provide reports that help you make improvements in your supply chain. Our experience deploying a wide range of Tracking Systems ensures that we’ll find the right solution for you.


CHEP is a global leader in implementing innovative location tracking technologies, with more than 10 years of experience tracking our customers’ most valuable goods in South Africa. We have the most up-to-date systems on the planet, and we understand how to deploy them to maximise the benefits you’ll receive. We look forward to working with you.

End-to-end technology solutions track your platform assets at an individual level.


How you'll benefit

Your most valuable assets will be more secure with Tracking Systems from CHEP. We will work together to:

+ Protect your most valuable distribution platforms and products

+ Identify where losses and damages occur and accurately attribute related costs

+ Manage the cradle-to-grave lifecycle of your platforms

+ Reduce the potential for human error in tracking platforms and products

+ View real-time tracking information on your desktop or mobile device

+ Manage and control costs for rental platforms, including local equipment carrier charges

+ Improve your supply chain processes

+ Better manage inventory from end to end

+ Facilitate just-in-time ordering and fulfilment, working with order replenishment systems

+ Improve expiration date management and product recalls

+ Provide temperature monitoring for the cold chain

Tracking Systems from CHEP minimise lost assets.