This is the Supply Change.™

Standard Pallets

CHEP is the global leader in shared pallet solutions. With 45 Service Centres across South Africa and millions of wooden and plastic pallets in our pools, we have the consistent quality and supply to help you best move your products. CHEP developed and continues to drive pallet standards that connect players across the supply chain to maximise effciency and safety. We are best positioned to supply your needs, ensure your operations keep moving, and get your goods to the right place at the right time in the right condition. 

Display Units

Our half pallets, quarter pallets, dollies, bulk display units, merchandising trays, and any other display units help increase product sales through store merchandising and display, improved replenishment and reduced out-of-stocks. Fractional pallets also facilitate distribution of smaller loads to small store formats. 

Owned Pallets

If you need standard or customised one-way wooden pallets for domestic use or export, we can provide them through our sister company, Weatherboard. In accordance with our commitment to the environment, we source our single-use pallets from our own sustainable tree farms.

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