Environmental Sustainability

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Environmental Sustainability

Working with CHEP, you’ll always have confidence that your platforms are providing an environmentally friendly solution. All of the timber used to make our wooden pallets in South Africa comes from sustainable tree farms. In fact, we own 10 sustainable tree farms here, and our foresters oversee these operations to ensure that the timber we use for pallets is replenishable and does not deplete resources. In addition, many of our plastic products are made of recyclable material that ensures a 100% lifespan of these products in the supply chain.

Our platform solutions are designed to have environmental benefits. Through product load and truck load optimisation, we reduce waste, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Through Value Chain Analysis and Environmental Impact Analysis, we eliminate inefficiencies that produce waste.

This is the impact of a sustainable and efficient product load. This is the value we all bring to business and the world.

If you are interested in how CHEP can serve your business and humanity with our Corporate Social Responsiblity programs, please visit this page.

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