Transportation Solutions

This is the Supply Change.™

Moving your goods and platforms more efficiently.

CHEP’s network lowers your transportation costs throughout the South Africa region.

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The opportunity

Lowering your transportation costs isn’t about reinventing thewheel. It’s about doing the little things that can really add up. 

You’ll always have to incur the cost of delivering products to your customers. That will never change. But what if you could make smarter use of the space inside your trailers to carry a little more product with every load? And what if you made better use of your return trips, by eliminating a few empty lanes? Maybe even earn money on them? 

And what if we transported your distribution platforms to and from your facilities for you? Our trucks are already on the road, so we can afford to deliver and collect partial loads any time and day. You save the costs of using your transportation, andyou reduce the number of platforms you hold in your facilities, which also reduces your platform costs. 

Our expertise and transportation resources can help you find and execute these small improvements that add up to big savings over time.

What we do

CHEP has the right Transportation Solutions to save youmoney and minimise the impact of your supply chain onthe environment.

Delivery & Collection

We’ll figure out how many distribution platforms you need, then we’ll deliver them to your facility when you need them: so you can minimise your platform inventory and transportation costs. We’ll also collect your platforms timeously , so you can further reduce costs and free space within your facilities. 

Collaborative Transport

We can turn your empty lanes into closed loops by matching your lanes with ours. Your empty lanes can help us balanceour asset pools. Our empty lanes can help you transport goods. Together, we both eliminate costs and CO2 emissions through more efficient use of our networks.

Truck Load Optimisation

Our logistics expertise helps you carry more product on every truckload. We’ll use software modeling to determine the optimal configuration for your trailers, and then we’ll conduct field tests to confirm these computer-generated recommendations. Optimised loads put fewer trucks on the road, which reduces your costs, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

How we'll work together

We’ve got a wide-reaching network of lanes and resources that we can leverage to bring efficiencies to your operations. And we’ve got the experience and the know-how to make itall work together.

First, we’ll study your existing transportation systems and platform delivery and collection practices to help you discover opportunities for improvement.

We’ll look at your transportation network and ours to discover synergies that reduce empty lanes—both yours and ours.

We’ll use software to analyse your trailer loads, suggest improvements to optimise them, and conduct field testingto make sure you’re getting the most out of every delivery.

We’ll also work with you to take costs out of your platform delivery and collection operations. You’ll get the platformsyou need, when you need them.

More efficiency. Less waste. Less impact on the environment. Together we can make it happen.

How you'll benefit

We understand transportation logistics inside and out. Together we’ll help you realise measurable improvements in your supply chain operations:

+ Elimination of empty miles and reduced CO2 emissions

+ Reduced fuel consumption

+ Reduced carrier costs to receive or return distribution platforms

+ Increased product shipped per truckload

+ Reduced product damage during transport

+ Reduced platform inventory costs through just in-time deliveryand collection of partial loads

+ Generation of direct revenue through backhaul freightopportunities

+ Leverage synergies to eliminate cross-border long-haul deliveries


With 15,000 customer locations across Sub-Saharan Africa and 30,000 deliveries per year, CHEP has the logistics resources, network and expertise to reduce your transportation and platform costs. We look forward to working with you.

Real-world ROI from Transportation Solutions

We showed a major U.S. food company how
just-in-time platform delivery reduced their
platform inventory by 30%.



We showed a major beverage supplier                                                  We helped a major manufacturer reduce
how truck load optimisation could reduce                                              its platform delivery costs by 67% through 
their total supply chain costs by 10%.                                                    Collaborative Transport.