Food Waste Reduction

This is the Supply Change.™

The challenges of Africa’s logistics network pose a never- ending threat to the food supply. Infrastructure deficiencies, border delays, temperature controls—anathemas to your efforts to transport perishable product.

Given that the continent is home to 235 million undernourished people, it’s a problem we need to address.

The good news is that we can work together to prevent food loss due to spoilage, product damage and temperature issues. We’ll look inside your supply chain and identify opportunities to minimise these issues.

You can reduce food going to landfills simply by switching from cardboard to reusable containers. You can lower food damage rates by shipping on higher quality pallets. You can also collaborate with your trading partners to re-distribute unsaleable food products to those in need through our relationships with food banks.

We can assist local food banks in several ways:

+ We provide distribution platforms to help companies move their donations to food bank facilities.

+ Through our corporately sponsored employee volunteer programs, our associates volunteer in their local food banks.

+ We make direct monetary and product contributions to food banks.

+ Our logistics experts provide support to optimise logistical processes at local food banks.

+ We promote the needs of local food banks with our customers and through trade groups.

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